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  • I want to become KUDO Pro, but I am short on meetings.

    Most of our KUDO Pros accumulate meetings via their clients or our partners  

    If you do not meet the 10 meeting minimum requirement, the Language Services team will help you get there by welcoming you to our different meetings, free of charge: 

    1. Sign up to a Mock meeting 
    1. Reach out to and share your interest in supporting us at potential demos / events 

    Bear in mind this process may take time depending on our linguistic demands, however, if we may decide to waive this criteria upon verifying that you can fully operate the platform unsupervised 

  • What is does it mean to be KUDO Pro?

    KUDO Pro Interpreters are KUDO Certified Interpreters with verifiable experience as Professional Conference Interpreters and considerable experience, a minimum of 10 meetings specifically on KUDO.  

  • Can I become a KUDO Certified Interpreter? What are the eligibility criteria?

    KUDO is a platform for trained Conference Interpreters. All interpreters are welcome to join, but we expect you to have the necessary training in the simultaneous mode of interpreting or a degree in conference interpreting. KUDO is not a tool for consecutive interpretation. So, here are some boxes we expect you to check before you can join our roster of KUDO Certified interpreters:

    • At least two working languages
    • A degree in conference interpretation OR at verifiable experience as a conference interpreter
  • How do I become a KUDO Certified?
    1. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.
    2. Register in KUDO and create your KUDO profile
    3. Complete our Online Tutorial
    4. Take our hands-on Interpreter Onboarding Webinar
    5. Make sure you meet ALL the technical requirements specified in the tutorial
    6. Check the KUDO Certified box in your KUDO profile, so the badge shows in your public profile
  • I am a sign language interpreter. Can I work on KUDO?

    By all means! KUDO provides full support to sign language interpreting, and we welcome all sign language interpreters, from all languages, to join us.

  • I have only done consecutive interpretation. Can I still try KUDO?

    Afraid not. KUDO is a platform for Simultaneous Interpreting and as such can only be used for simultaneous interpreting or sign language interpretation.

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Getting started

  • How much will I be paid and who will pay me?

    The proposed compensation will be noted in the offers you receive. The rates will vary depending on meeting length and language combinations. The same rates apply to Zoom as well as KUDO meetings, and all interpreters in a given language pair receive the exact same pay. Overtime and cancellation policies apply, as per your KUDO Marketplace contract.  
    Interpreters on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace are hired and paid by KUDO. Payment will be automatically transferred to your e-wallet as soon as you indicate that the meeting has been successfully completed.  

  • Who do I call in an emergency after accepting the offer?

    Once you join the Zoom meeting, you are in the hands of the Zoom meeting host. Please reach out to them directly and closely follow their instructions. 

  • Where do I get the assignment details and links? What about preparation materials?

    Once you accept the offer, all relevant assignment details will be disclosed to you, including the relevant links as well as any materials uploaded by the client to allow you to prepare. 

  • Will I be trained on how to interpret on Zoom?

    No. KUDO will not train you on how to interpret on Zoom. We have prepared a summary of 10 Things You Need to Know, but it is your responsibility to acquire the necessary skills to work on Zoom. 

  • How do I know that a meeting is hosted on Zoom?

    That information will be included in the offers you receive. Be sure to review them carefully. If you decide to accept an offer for a Zoom assignment, a popup window will ask you to confirm your ability to interpret on Zoom. Interpreters lacking experience on Zoom should decline such offers until they have acquired the necessary skills to work unassisted on Zoom.  

  • How do I join KUDO Interpreter Marketplace?

    To join KUDO Marketplace you first need to become a KUDO Pro interpreter. Please review the eligibility criteria and apply here. Successful applicants will be invited to join KUDO Marketplace. 

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