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Being a KUDO Certified Interpreter and KUDO Pro Interpreter

  • I want to become KUDO Pro, but I am short on meetings.

    Most of our KUDO Pros accumulate meetings via their clients or our partners  

    If you do not meet the 10 meeting minimum requirement, the Language Services team will help you get there by welcoming you to our different meetings, free of charge: 

    1. Sign up to a Mock meeting 
    1. Reach out to and share your interest in supporting us at potential demos / events 

    Bear in mind this process may take time depending on our linguistic demands, however, if we may decide to waive this criteria upon verifying that you can fully operate the platform unsupervised 

  • What is does it mean to be KUDO Pro?

    KUDO Pro Interpreters are KUDO Certified Interpreters with verifiable experience as Professional Conference Interpreters and considerable experience, a minimum of 10 meetings specifically on KUDO.  

  • Can I become a KUDO Certified Interpreter? What are the eligibility criteria?

    KUDO is a platform for trained Conference Interpreters. All interpreters are welcome to join, but we expect you to have the necessary training in the simultaneous mode of interpreting or a degree in conference interpreting. KUDO is not a tool for consecutive interpretation. So, here are some boxes we expect you to check before you can join our roster of KUDO Certified interpreters:

    • At least two working languages
    • A degree in conference interpretation OR at verifiable experience as a conference interpreter
  • How do I become a KUDO Certified?
    1. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.
    2. Register in KUDO and create your KUDO profile
    3. Complete our Online Tutorial
    4. Take our hands-on Interpreter Onboarding Webinar
    5. Make sure you meet ALL the technical requirements specified in the tutorial
    6. Check the KUDO Certified box in your KUDO profile, so the badge shows in your public profile
  • I am a sign language interpreter. Can I work on KUDO?

    By all means! KUDO provides full support to sign language interpreting, and we welcome all sign language interpreters, from all languages, to join us.

  • I have only done consecutive interpretation. Can I still try KUDO?

    Afraid not. KUDO is a platform for Simultaneous Interpreting and as such can only be used for simultaneous interpreting or sign language interpretation.

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Accepting work on Zoom through KUDO Interpreter Marketplace 

  • How much will I be paid and who will pay me?

    The proposed compensation will be noted in the offers you receive. The rates will vary depending on meeting length and language combinations. The same rates apply to Zoom as well as KUDO meetings, and all interpreters in a given language pair receive the exact same pay. Overtime and cancellation policies apply, as per your KUDO Marketplace contract.  
    Interpreters on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace are hired and paid by KUDO. Payment will be automatically transferred to your e-wallet as soon as you indicate that the meeting has been successfully completed.  

  • Who do I call in an emergency after accepting the offer?

    Once you join the Zoom meeting, you are in the hands of the Zoom meeting host. Please reach out to them directly and closely follow their instructions. 

  • Where do I get the assignment details and links? What about preparation materials?

    Once you accept the offer, all relevant assignment details will be disclosed to you, including the relevant links as well as any materials uploaded by the client to allow you to prepare. 

  • Will I be trained on how to interpret on Zoom?

    No. KUDO will not train you on how to interpret on Zoom. We have prepared a summary of 10 Things You Need to Know, but it is your responsibility to acquire the necessary skills to work on Zoom. 

  • How do I know that a meeting is hosted on Zoom?

    That information will be included in the offers you receive. Be sure to review them carefully. If you decide to accept an offer for a Zoom assignment, a popup window will ask you to confirm your ability to interpret on Zoom. Interpreters lacking experience on Zoom should decline such offers until they have acquired the necessary skills to work unassisted on Zoom.  

  • How do I join KUDO Interpreter Marketplace?

    To join KUDO Marketplace you first need to become a KUDO Pro interpreter. Please review the eligibility criteria and apply here. Successful applicants will be invited to join KUDO Marketplace. 

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KUDO’s Onboarding Tutorial

  • What is the Interpreter Journey?

    It is a self-paced online tutorial to give interpreters a 101 on interpreting on the KUDO platform, the minimum requirements and interpreter interface basics.

  • Can I use the same access credentials for the tutorial (Thinkific) and KUDO ?

    Not necessarily. The Tutorial and the KUDO profile are two different systems. You may choose to sign up with the same credentials for both (preferred), but you can also use different credentials as you create the two different accounts.

    • For the KUDO profile, you need to register here .
    • For the Tutorial, you need to register here.
  • Can I repeat KUDO’s online tutorial?

    Yes, as often as you wish. In fact, we recommend you take a refresher every six months or so, to make sure you are up-to-date with the latest changes. Follow this link, sign back in and click on ‘Replay Course’:

  • Where is my Certificate/KUDO Certified Badge?

    To download your certificate you must have completed 100% of the Interpreter Journey. Please log in here

    1. Sign back in using the credentials you used the first time (for the Tutorial!)
    2. Click on ‘Replay course’
    3. Click on View Certificate (or Get Your Certificate) and go from there.
  • How do I become a KUDO Certified interpreter?


    You can become a KUDO Certified Operator/Client or a KUDO Certified Interpreter. Our tutorial programs are available online, you can find them under the Resources section.

    These tutorials are self-guided. Each tutorial program should take no more than one hour to complete, and can also be completed in multiple sittings.

    Steps to become KUDO certified:

    1. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements;
    2. Register in KUDO and create your KUDO profile
    3. Complete our Online Tutorial
    4. Take our hands-on Interpreter Onboarding Webinar
    5. Make sure you meet ALL the technical requirements specified in the tutorial;
    6. Check the KUDO Certified box in your KUDO profile, so the badge shows in your public profile;


Your Interpreter Profile

  • What if I do not want to have a KUDO Interpreter Marketplace profile, but still interpret on KUDO?

    No problem, if you do not sign up to KUDO Marketplace, you can continue to interpret on the KUDO meeting platform according to your usual practices and agreements with clients.

    You will not have an active profile in KUDO Marketplace [until you opt in to the system]. If you have already activated your KUDO Marketplace profile you can also choose to make it private and unsearchable at any time.

  • My profile doesn’t show the KUDO Certified badge. What am I missing?

    You need to indicate your status correctly in the KUDO profile. Here’s how you do it:

    Log into KUDO. On the top right of the page click Your name > My account> Edit profile> Professional Details

    Choose ‘Yes’ on the KUDO Certified option and re-submit your profile. The KUDO Certified badge will automatically appear on your public profile now.

  • My profile doesn’t display all the fields. What am I doing wrong?

    A couple of things may be happening here. Here’s a troubleshooting guide:

    1. Make sure you are logged into KUDO, and not into the tutorial (Thinkific). For the KUDO profile, you need to register here: (for EU users here )
    2. You may be logged in as a Participant, and not as an interpreter. Please click on your name (top right) and log out. Then sign back in, this time using your interpreter credentials: For the KUDO profile, you need to register here: (for EU users, here
    3. Make sure you’re not connected as a different user in a different browser window.
  • What is the difference between a Public and Private interpreter profile?

    Public profiles will show in our internal searches. Private profiles will not.


    Leave your profile as Public (no action needed) if you want your name to appear in our internal search results and if you want to be referred for work on KUDO.


    Leave your profile as Private if you don’t want to appear in the search results or if you don’t want to be referred or contacted by KUDO for work.

  • How can I make my interpreter profile Private?

    Let us reiterate that our roster of interpreters is accessible only internally, by KUDO staff. And unless you decide to give publicity to your status as a KUDO Certified interpreter, it will remain hidden from view.

    If you don’t want your profile to show up during our searches, or if you can’t accept freelance work or don’t want to be referred for projects, you can mark your profile as private.

    Here’s how you do it:

    1. Log into KUDO.
    2. On the top right of the page click Your name > My account> Edit profile> Contact info> Interpreter Profile Visibility
    3. Choose private
  • How can I make my interpreter profile Public?

    By default, your KUDO interpreter profile will be marked Public. But that only means that your profile will show up on searches done internally by KUDO.

    Your profile will not be shared with the public unless you choose to do so by copying a link to your profile and sharing it with your clients and social media followers.

    To make sure your profile is public, please do the following: 

    1. Log into KUDO.
    2. On the top right of the page click Your name > My account> Edit profile> Contact info> Interpreter Profile Visibility
    3. Choose public


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How to log into a meeting

KUDO Interface Features

  • My mic and outgoing channel are red but my voice is not going through. Why?

    Make sure you don’t have your mic muted in the in-line mute button.

    Make sure you have the right audio settings, and that the gain of your mic is correctly set.

  • It says ‘’boothmate unavailable’’. Why?

    For the handover button to activate, at least two interpreters need to have the same language channel activated (meaning red) in their outgoing channel so in this case your boothmate may have clicked on a different outgoing channel or refreshed their screen.

  • Why is the handover button greyed out and unclickable?

    For the handover button to activate, at least two interpreters need to have the same language channel activated (meaning red) in their outgoing channel and at least one interpreter needs to have their mic activated (meaning red). 

  • Double check your media settings (Windows)

    One final adjustment is needed before you start interpreting through KUDO. You want to make sure your microphone is properly set and able to project your voice with enough power.

    Here's how you do it (the example below is based on the Google Chrome interface on a PC. Options may appear slightly different on different browsers).

    1. Right-click on the loudspeaker icon at your Windows menu bar and select Recording devices or Sounds (depending on the Windows version you have installed), as shown above.
    2. Right click on the microphone you're using and select the option Properties. See below:
    3. Click on the Levels tab and adjust the microphone sensitivity to a level between 75-100. See below: 
    4. Click OK to close all windows and go back to the Interpreter Interface. 
    5. To be sure your browser is using the correct microphone and speaker, click on the Media Setting button on the volume control area, and select the devices accordingly.
    6. As an extra step, you can also check if your browser is aware of your microphone selection. On Google Chrome you can do so by clicking on the little black camera icon that appears on the address bar (upper right-hand corner) once you activate your microphone in KUDO. Clicking there will allow you to select a default microphone or any other. If needed, you can click on Manage and select a different microphone through the browser settings. 
    7. Reload your browser tab to make sure the settings are updated.

    And you are ready to start interpreting.



  • How does the Handover Feature work?

    While we recommend working in the same location as your booth partner, we understand that sometimes it's not possible. This is why we've come up with a streamlined handover system. With two quick clicks on the handover button, you can coordinate a smooth handover between you and your booth partner. Please watch our youtube video to explore this feature.

    You can sign up for an interactive demo with our interpreters' team anytime, where you can practice live on a meeting this feature, and learn more here





Business and Best Practices

  • Does KUDO refer interpreters to clients for assignments?

    The vast majority of our clients and partners work with their own team of interpreters. 

    However, on occasion, they may ask us for referrals. We refer interpreters depending on: 

    • Their language combination 
    • Most recent CV 
    • If they have reached out to us to express their availability and interest to work with us 
    • If they have recently used the KUDO platform (via an Onboarding Webinar or Mock Meeting) 

     Referrals will be limited to those interpreters who have marked their profiles as Public. 

  • How can I get more practice on the platform?

    We encourage you to join our Interpreter Onboarding Webinars for practice as soon as you complete your onboarding tutorial. 

    You are also welcome to volunteer for our demos. We hold free demos for clients every day. Interpreting at them is a great way to get the exposure you need. We will also give you full credit during the demo and encourage the clients in attendance to contact you directly should they need an interpreter with your language combination. 

    Finally, you can always refer back to our onboarding tutorial and watch our how-to videos. You can replay the tutorial as many times as you want. 

    To be considered for our demos, contact

  • One of my clients is interested in KUDO. How can I pitch it to them?

    We have created the first KUDO Client Referral Program for Interpreters. From now on you will be able to refer your clients to KUDO and get a finder’s fee of US$1,000.00 when the client signs up for a subscription plan.  It is not all about the financial incentive. It is also about having your client work on the platform you love while keeping intact your relationship with them.  Learn more about this program and submit your first referral here:


    KUDO Referral Program for Interpreters | Break Language Barriers

  • Does KUDO hire interpreters directly?

    KUDO Interpreter Marketplace automates the booking of interpreters on behalf of our clients. For these bookings made through KUDO Interpreter Marketplace, the interpreters will be hired by KUDO

    That said, KUDO is essentially a technology provider, clients are encouraged to work with their own interpreters, and we will work with them in onboarding those colleagues so they can work on KUDO.

    On occasion, KUDO is asked to provide the platform along with the service, and in some select circumstances, we will hire interpreters directly.

    We can also refer KUDO Certified interpreters to our partners and clients, upon request. Referrals will be limited to those interpreters who have marked their profiles as Public.

    As an interpreter who is KUDO Certified, you are encouraged to reach out to our partners and make yourself available to help with their meetings. Here is our list of partners: