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  • KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom - FAQ for Interpreters

    How do I create a profile on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace?

    If you are already an interpreter on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for KUDO Meetings, the only thing you will need to do is be available for the Zoom meetings and accept them when you get the invites. If you have never been added to KUDO Interpreter Marketplace, you will first have to attend our weekly webinar for Interpreters. You can sign up here. Once completed, KUDO will send you all the information to complete the Interpreter’s Journey and attend mock meetings to gain experience. After this process, you will be able to ask for the KUDO Pro status.

    How is KUDO Interpreter Marketplace working?

    Marketplace on Zoom is working the exact same way as the current KUDO Interpreter Marketplace does: once the client has created their meeting and selected the languages needed, their request will be sent to KUDO and a reviewer will be able to check it and pair interpreters. Then, interpreters will receive a notification that they will have to accept. Once this process is done, the client will see the initials of the interpreters booked for the meeting.

    Can interpreters contact the meeting organizer if they have questions?

    There is no way to have direct contact with the meeting host.

    How am I paid?

    Once the meeting is over, go to your interpreter interface on Marketplace and click on ‘assignment complete’. The amount of your mission will be credited to your wallet on Marketplace. To transfer it to your bank account, you will have to select ‘make a withdrawal’. You will receive the payment within two weeks.

    If the client cancels the meeting, what happens?

    If the client cancels the meeting more than 48 hours before, there are no additional fees. If it is between 48 and 24 hours before, they will be charged 50% of the total amount. If it is less than 2 hours before, they need to pay 100% of the total amount.

    You will receive a notification if the client cancels the meeting.

    If the meeting lasts more than one hour, can I choose the interpreter I’ll be paired with?

    The system itself is not going to choose the interpreter, but the reviewer can choose the interpreter you will be paired with as long as the reviewer knows who will be working together.


  • What is KUDO Interpreter Marketplace?

    KUDO Marketplace is a new service that automates the booking of interpreters with 24/7 access to thousands of KUDO Pro interpreters in real-time with instant booking confirmations.

  • Are interpreters accountable for technical glitches and connection drops?

    Interpreters are expected to comply with a rigorous set of technical specs, but their responsibility ends there.

  • How fair are the rates paid to interpreters?

    In the remuneration of interpreters, the following applies:

    • one same rate is paid to all interpreters on a team
    • rates match or exceed the going rate in most markets
    • separate meetings are paid separately

    Fair and clear fees paid for overtime and cancellations.

  • Are interpreters paid per hour?

    Interpreters are paid according to the following rate structure:

    Hourly rate: 

    For meetings lasting 1 hour or less

    Half-day rate: 

    For meetings between 1h and 3 h

    Full-day rate: 

    For meetings between 3h and 6h

  • Who chooses the interpreters for a meeting?

    KMP will choose the interpreters automatically for meetings scheduled for the next 2 to 12 hours.

    For any other meetings, KUDO reviewers will vet the selection and make any necessary adjustments

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For Clients

  • Starting language interpretation in a Zoom meeting/webinar

    Starting language interpretation in a Zoom meeting/webinar
    (only the host can do this)

    1.  Once you have started your meeting or webinar, click on the Interpretation icon
    2. Select the language combination you need and click in Start.
    3. After the host clicks Start, the interpreters will receive a message that they have been assigned to a language channel.
    4. Attendees will now be able to click Interpretation in the meeting options and select a language channel. The icon will only show as an option after the host has started the interpretation. The host can also click on Manage Language Interpretation to make changes to the interpretation settings during a session.


    • We strongly encourage speakers and participants to wear a headset, or use an external USB mic, so that the interpreter can hear them clearly.

    • Speakers and participants are asked to speak slow and avoid interrupting others as that ensures better quality of interpretation.

    • Update your Zoom regularly. Zoom makes many updates that we are not aware of so to be safe please always make sure you have it updated before joining the meeting/webinar.

    • The interpretation feature does not work in breakout sessions, so always have the people that need language support in the main room when splitting them in groups.

    • Remember that technical issues happen especially in virtual meetings. We must be patient and kind. If you see that something is wrong with interpretation, please ask for a quick break and communicate with the staff support or the technician assigned to the meeting.

  • Troubleshooting: Book Interpreters with KUDO Installation

    There are a few scenarios that can cause the "You cannot authorise the app error." Continue reading to find your scenario and the steps to install the app.

    Scenario 1. "An account admin is required to install this type of app. Please contact your account admin or IT administrator to install this app."


    To fix it: Have your admin install the App for you, or have your admin give you the "Marketplace" permission, located here: https://zoom.us/role.Untitled_design__2_.png

    Scenario 2. "This app cannot be installed outside of the developer's account. Please contact the application developer to get support with installing this application."


    To fix it: To share apps outside of your (the developer's) account, you must publish the app to the Zoom App Marketplace. If you are looking to test your app externally before publishing it, you can request a publishable url. If you are looking to have your app be installed externally, but limit who can install it, read here.

    Scenario 3. "You cannot install the app because you don't have the required permissions. Please contact your IT administrator for permission and try again."


    To fix it: Have your admin install the App for you, or have your admin give you the respective permission to match the scope you set for the app. You can see which permission you need by visiting: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apphelp/{AppIDFromUrlHere}


    Have your admin go to https://zoom.us/role and give you the respective permission:


    Once you have been granted the respective permission, sign out and back into your Zoom account. You should see a checkmark instead of an X for the permission you were missing.


    You should now be able to install the app.




  • KUDO Marketplace: How to + Best Practices Guide

    Scheduling a Meeting

    Proceed with scheduling your meeting as normal, but don’t forget: 

    a. Start time (i.e., when the platform will open for all users) 

    b. Please remember to leave a buffer period of between 15 and 60 minutes.  

    i. For first-time KUDO meeting attendees, we recommend allocating at least 30 minutes (up to one hour) of preparation time for speakers 

    ii. For the interpreters’ sound check, depending on the number of interpreters and languages as well as the operator's level of experience, this period may be reduced to 15 minutes (at minimum). 

    1. For example, a one-hour meeting with one interpreter, leave 15 minutes for a sound check; for a one-hour meeting with two interpreters, leave 30. 

    iii. If there is no KUDO operator at the meeting, the sound check is carried out by your own operator, via the messaging tab. 

    c. To enable or disable any additional features, click on “Advanced Settings” before saving your meeting, Press Save. Time to book your interpreters!  


    Book Interpreters Button

    Located in the Information Tab - Left Side, under Review your settings. 


    The "Book Interpreters" button can be found in the “Information” tab on the left-hand side of the interface, under “Review Your Settings.” 


    Book interpreters Dialog Box 

    a. Under Date/Time, please click Click here if you only need interpreters for a portion of the meeting to select the specific timeframe during which interpretation is needed This prevents unnecessary additional interpreter-hours being deducted from your bundle. 

    i. Start Time: Select the interpretation start time 

    ii. End Time: Select the interpretation end time 


    iii. NOTES: 

    1. KUDO interpreters will join your meeting, at no extra cost, during the preparation period. This time allows you and your participants to test your devices – along with the interpreters’ – and make sure everyone’s audio is tested before the meeting formally starts. 

    2. Interpreters can only work alone for a maximum duration of one hour. If you foresee your meeting lasting longer than one hour, please make sure to take that into account when setting the end time and allow the system to book two interpreters

    b. Subject matter:  

    i. Please select the most appropriate subject matter to enable the system to connect you with the most suitable interpreters. 

    c. Tags:

    i. Please include as many tags as needed. Specific tags such as “Budget Review Meeting” will help interpreters understand the content of your meetings.  

    d. Click “Complete booking. 


    Preparation Materials for Interpreters

    Please don’t forget to add preparation materials under the “Interpreters” section of the “Users” tab After completing your booking, you will be prompted to:  

    a. Click: + Add preparation materials securely and exclusively for interpreters 

    b. Click Add 

    c. Drag and drop your files into the dialog box or click "Upload" and browse for your files 

    d. Click Save.  


    Meet Your Interpreters

    Upon the system’s confirmation of your request, the name(s) of your allocated interpreter(s) will display next to “Meet Your Interpreters. 

    Editing Meetings 

    Please bear in mind that changes in meetings are not reflected or automatically communicated to the interpreters. 

    If changes need to be made to a meeting (no later than three days before the meetingplease see Cancellation Policy below), we recommend cancelling the meeting and rebooking it.

    If changes need to be made less than three days in advance, please reach out to our Language Services team at ls@kudoway.com so that they can help you communicate with the interpreters.  


    Cancelling meetings

    • Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged in full.  
    • Cancellations received with less than three days’ notice will result in a 50% refund. 
    • Cancellations received with three days’ notice or more will incur no charges at all.


  • How to sign up and install Zoom integration for KUDO Marketplace - Existing Clients

    How ToExisting Client Login

     1. Click on Login from KUDO Marketplace homepage



    2. Enter email address and password


    3. Click on “Allow KUDO to Authorize to Zoom” (If not previously authorized) 


    4. Sign in to Zoom (if not already signed in) 

                a. Ensure Zoom Account is configured for Language Interpretation  


    5. Allow KUDO to Authorize to Zoom (if not previously authorized) 


    6. User is Authorized 

    Booking an Interpreter for an existing Zoom meeting   

    1. Choose from the List of Existing Zoom Meetings to Book an Interpreter 


    2. Add Language Combination  


    3. Choose from eligible dropdown  

             a. KUDO supports the 9 default languages that Zoom supports 


    4. Select dropdown under Booked Via 

             a. Choose either "KUDO" or "In-house"

                         i. Booked via “KUDO” allows the user to book an interpreter from

                            KUDO Marketplace 

                         ii. Booked via “In-house” allows the user to add their own interpreter

                            email address          

    1. User must add “KUDO” interpreters in order to confirm booking for “In-house” interpreters  
    2. Once user adds > 1 language combinations with Booked via “KUDO,” then the user is allowed to add “In-house” and confirm booking 
    3. Use can add In-house interpreters by clicking on the vertical ellipsis. Upon click, an additional row will be added in the same language combination 
    4. User can remove In-house interpreters by clicking on the vertical ellipsis.  Upon click, the selected row will be removed  





    5. User clicks on Confirm booking once done adding language combinations 


    6. Review details and confirm booking  

              a. Meeting time and cost details shown to the user 


    7. Meeting successfully booked 

            a. Meeting status changes to Booked 

            b. Booked via “KUDO” shows status “BOOKED” 

            c. Booked via “In-house” shows first initial of interpreter email address 

                       i. Upon hover, email address is shown  

            d. Add to Calendar dropdown is shown to the user 

            e. Join Meeting dropdown is shown to the user  


    8. Interpreter Details Dropdown 


         a. Upload Preparation materials  

                    i. Add links or Files  


       b. Meet your interpreters  

                i. Once a Booked via “KUDO” interpreter accepts the assignment, the user can

                   click on “Meet your interpreters” 

                       1. Interpreter first name, last initial, languages booked, KUDO status,

                           experience, and NDA on file will show 


    1. Easily sync your Zoom meeting and meeting information with KUDO with one click  

    2. Choose the meeting for which you would like interpretation.  

    3. Define language combination(s) and add the details of your meeting.  

    What is shown in Zoom? 

    1. Meeting is automatically sync’d on the Zoom side 


    2. Zoom meeting is updated to include language combination and interpreter name and email address 


    Scheduling a new meeting and booking an interpreter

    1. Click on “Create multilingual meeting” 


    2. Fill in required fields to create a new meeting 


    3. Review Details and Confirm Booking  


    Uninstallation Instructions

    The following instructions will cancel all pending (future) interpreter bookings associated with your account that you’ve created  

    1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. 
    2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Book Interpreters with KUDO app. 
    3. Click the Book Interpreters with KUDO app. 
    4. Click Uninstall. 





  • Zoom App Marketplace - Get started

    KUDO app on the Zoom App Marketplace, gives KUDO users seamless access to Zoom while also giving them on-demand access to KUDO’s network of 12,000 professional interpreters.

    To use Language Interpretation on Zoom, the user must have the following Zoom plan:

    • Business
    • Education
    • Enterprise 

    Plans not supported with the language interpretation feature 

    • Zoom Basis
    • Zoom Pro

    Things to know:

    • Zoom user must have language interpretation enabled within their account settings < Language Interpretation  
    • Language Interpretation does not work with personal meeting ID’s 
    • Enable Language Interpretation for an individual meeting is optional 
        • If the user books an interpreter through KUDO, KUDO will automatically enable language interpretation for that particular meeting

    How to uninstall KUDO App from Zoom App Marketplace

    1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. 
    2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the XYZ app. 
    3. Click the Book Interpreters with KUDO app. 
    4. Click Uninstall.  
  • KUDO Configuration

    KUDO Configuration 

    • Recurring meeting with a fixed time and recurring meetings without a fixed time are not eligible to book interpreters  
    • KUDO will support the nine default languages when booking interpreters 
            • Spanish 
            • Chinese 
            • Japanese 
            • German 
            • French 
            • Russian 
            • Portuguese  
            • Korean 
            • English 
    • Custom languages will not be supported when booking interpreters through KUDO 
    • Cancellation policies do apply when cancelling meetings on Zoom within 48 hours of when the meeting is set to occur 
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