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    What is KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom?  

    KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom streamlines multilingual meetings management by automating the booking of interpreters for Zoom using KUDO’s vetted community of professional platform-agnostic interpreters.  

    Who can use KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom meetings?  

    Clients with any Zoom account, from Basic to Enterprise, will be able to book interpreters and use the language interpretation feature on KUDO. Users with Zoom Basic and Pro Accounts on will only be able to use the interpretation feature when booking through the KUDO integration with Zoom.  

    You can also book language interpretation for Zoom webinars if you have an account that allows you to create this type of meeting. 

    Will language interpretation work with breakout rooms?  

    No, it will not.  

    Does KUDO Interpreter Marketplace work on any device and browser?  
    KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom works on any browser.  

    How many languages are covered on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace?  

    KUDO Interpreter Marketplace currently covers nine languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. English will always be the source language, meaning that English will be used as the language to be interpreted into any of the above-mentioned languages and then back to English.  

    Note: Custom languages will not be supported when booking interpreters through KUDO.  

    Is sign language supported?  

    Sign languages are currently not available on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace.  

    What are the steps for booking the interpreters through KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom?  

    Please check our step-by-step guide here.  

    Can I directly create a Zoom meeting on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace? Will it be automatically created on Zoom too?  

    Yes, you can create a meeting on Zoom and then use KUDO Interpreter Marketplace, or you can create a meeting from KUDO directly. Everything on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace will automatically sync with Zoom.  

    I’m already using the KUDO platform for my meetings; can I use the same credentials to the KUDO Interpreter Marketplace App to log in?  

    These are not connected. You will need to create an account, feel free to set the same set of credentials, though.  

    Do I need to always open both Zoom and KUDO Interpreter Marketplace?  

    You are not required to be on both platforms. For the first time, you will need to be connected to Zoom on the same device as KUDO Interpreter Marketplace. If not, KUDO Interpreter Marketplace will open a window and ask you to log into Zoom. Then, you can use KUDO Interpreter Marketplace on another device, and it will automatically sync with the Zoom account.  

    Why can’t I book interpreters earlier than 2 hours before a meeting?  

    To have the best meeting experience, our interpreters require some time prior the meeting to get acquainted with the meeting’s materials and agenda.   

    Can I use a mix of my own interpreters and KUDO interpreters?  

    Yes, on KUDO Interpreter Marketplace once you have created a meeting, you can start booking interpreters. A dropdown menu will appear, and you will choose between ‘KUDO’ or ‘In-house’ interpreters. By clicking ‘In-house’, you will be able to put your interpreter’s email address. If you select ‘KUDO’, your request will be picked up and a KUDO interpreter will be booked, and KUDO will automatically enable language interpretation for that particular meeting.  

    Note: For a particular language combination, you cannot mix your own interpreters with KUDO interpreters. For meetings with multiple languages, you can have 1) Spanish – in-house 2) Chinese - KUDO 3) Portuguese - in-house.  

    Where and how do I know who will be interpreting the meeting? And how can I get more information about the interpreters who were booked?  

    You will know who will be interpreting the meeting:  
    - You will receive an e-mail confirming all the interpreters are booked for your meeting.   
    - Within the meetings view on Marketplace, by clicking the carrot dropdown (after all interpreters have accepted the assignment)   
    - On Zoom meeting details (after all interpreters have accepted the assignment)

    If you click on 'Interpreter Details’ and ‘Meet your Interpreters’ within this category, you can get more information about the interpreters who were booked, and you will have access to the interpreter’s information such as:  

    • Surname and first letter of last name  
    • KUDO Pro Status  
    • Years of experience  
    • NDA  

    Can I communicate with interpreters prior to the meeting?

    There is not a chat option to communicate with interpreters, but you can upload preparation materials to prepare for the meeting, which you can do through the KUDO Interpreter Marketplace.  

    What is the difference between meeting time and interpretation credits?  

    The meeting time is the duration of the meeting from start to finish, from the moment participants log in until they log out. Interpretation credit is based on the duration of the meeting when the interpreters are communicating the source language material in another language.  

    How do I pay for the service?  
    Paying for KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom is easy and convenient. You only need to enter your payment card’s details on the payment page, where you will be able to view your meeting details and enter your payment information.  


    I am using KUDO and already have paid Interpreter bundle hours with my organization. Can I use those hours also for KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom?  

    Credits that apply per meeting are going to be the same between KUDO platform and KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom. The bundles are also of the same price. While you won’t be able transfer bundles from KUDO platform to KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom on your own, we can arrange to manually transfer your bundles from KUDO platform to KUDO Interpreter Marketplace for Zoom so you can redeem your hours for Zoom meetings. 

    What if meeting details such as date, time, duration or languages change, but I already booked interpreters?  

    Editing the meeting is not yet supported, in this case it must be cancelled and you may book a new meeting. 

    How long before a meeting can I cancel it without being charged for interpreters?  

    According to our cancellation policy:   

    If you cancel  
    - 48+ hours before a meeting, no extra cost applies  
    - Between 48 hours and 24 hours before, you will be charged 50% of the total amount  
    - 24 hours or less before the meeting starts, you will be charged 100% of the total amount  

    What are the preparation materials? And why do I need to upload them?   

    You can upload any materials, files and /or links prior the meeting so that the interpreter is properly prepared for your meeting’s agenda for example glossaries, presentations or even websites.  

    What type of documents should I upload? Are there any limitations?  

    You can upload any files up to 10mg and /or links.  

    How to start Language Interpretation in a KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom meeting?   

    1. Start or join a meeting  

    2. Once your meeting has started, click “Interpretation” in the meeting controls. Assign, add or remove interpreters to the respective language channels.

    3. Click “Start” to begin the interpretation meetings. After the host clicks “Start”, the interpreters will receive a message that they have been assigned a language.   

    Note: Language interpretation cannot be initiated or managed when using the Zoom mobile app. Participants joining from the Zoom mobile app can only listen to interpretation audio channels and view interpreted text.   
    Find more information here.

    How can I join a KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom Meeting that is being interpreted?  

    Joining a KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom Meeting that involves Language interpretation works just like joining any other KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom Meeting. The best practice is to download and log into the latest version of Zoom prior to the proceeding, but it is possible to download and run Zoom when the meeting is launching from a popup window.  

    How to stop Language Interpretation on KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom Meeting?  
    To stop the Language Interpretation function at any time, the Host can click the “Interpretation” icon and choose “Manage Language Interpretation.” Once the language interpretation screen is displayed, the Host should click “End” to stop the interpretation. The Host can stop and restart the interpretation function as often as necessary.   

    What if the meeting goes over the scheduled time? Can I pay after for interpreter overtime?  

    The interpreters are asked to leave when the interpretation time ends. In the case where the interpreter stays on a meeting past the interpretation time, the overtime fees will be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis. 

    What if interpreters don’t show up to the meeting? Where can I get support?  

    You will be required to file a support ticket via the Contact page here 

    How can I troubleshoot interpreters during the meeting? Where can I get support?  

    Support cases as in interpreter related issues, can be filed through Zendesk, and any technical issues will need to be resolved through Zoom directly.  

    How can I troubleshoot the installation of KUDO Interpreters Marketplace for Zoom?  

    There are a few possible scenarios that might cause app’s authorization problems, please check here how to fix those.  

    How do I uninstall KUDO Interpreters marketplace for Zoom?  

    • Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.   
    • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the XYZ app.   
    • Click the Book Interpreters with KUDO app.   
    • Click Uninstall.